Columbarium and Memorial Wall

Within the walls of Chapelwood there is a Memorial Chapel with a Columbarium and Memorial Wall. It is our belief that many who have been closely associated with Chapelwood over the years of their faith journey in this life prefer to choose the church as their final resting place. By providing this place of peace and comfort, Chapelwood continues to serve the families of those who have outrun us to the Father's House. There is also a Memorial Wall within the Memorial Chapel which contains the written names of those among our congregation who have passed on but are interred elsewhere. This Memorial Wall inscription allows those people to be forever associated with the church which meant so much to them in life. 

A Columbarium is also an important use of our resources. Columbaria utilize less space than traditional cemeteries. They also significantly impact the use of our financial resources. A niche in the Columbarium is a fraction of the cost of a casket, burial site, and gravestone. 

Memorial Chapel (Columbarium and Memorial Wall) FAQ

What is a columbarium? 

A columbarium is a place which houses a collection of niches which are designed to contain cremated remains. 

What does the church teach about cremation? 

As Christians, we believe that at the moment of death, the soul ascends immediately to be with God. As Christians, we respect the body from which the soul ascends. Therefore, we treat the remains with reverence. Over the centuries Christians have chosen either burial or cremation. Thus, the Biblical precept of  "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" comes to pass. The Bible teaches us that the body that is resurrected refers not to the old body but the new one.

Who is allowed to use the Columbarium? 

The Columbarium is for those who are members of Chapelwood and their immediate families or for those who have served Chapelwood as staff or clergy and their immediate families. 

How much does it cost to have a niche? 

There is no cost to obtain a niche, but we do ask for donations to defray the cost of construction and maintenance. A donation is not required. We do ask for a donation of $4000 per requested niche, which holds two urns. Upon receiving the donation, an appointment will be set to select a niche among those available and fill out the necessary paperwork to hold that niche. If you do not make a donation, you can apply for a niche once you have an urn ready for placement. 

What is the Memorial Wall? 

The Memorial Wall is on the west side of the Memorial Chapel room. The plaques there may be engraved with the names of deceased church members, deceased clergy, or deceased members of their immediate families who are interred elsewhere. The wall is designed to allow those names to be forever associated with Chapelwood.

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