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This recreational league is open to all girls in Pre-K through 8th grade, and boys in Pre-K through 12th grade.

  Parents, please read through the following before you register.  You will be asked if you have read and understand/agree with Chapelwood's Philosophy for Team Sports and the Code of Ethics for Parents & Coaches when you register your child. 

As of November 16, 2022, registration has officially closed ~ however, as teams are being formed, there might be space available on some teams.

  To find out if there is space for your child, contact Cason Sicking at [email protected]


The emphasis of Chapelwood's sports programs is on teaching Christian ethics and attitudes, skill development and participation.  A devotional will be given at each game, and all players are encouraged to participate.  The goal is for each child to have playing time in every game.  Parents and coaches are expected to bring a positive and accepting attitude to practice and games, and to demonstrate tolerance for each player at his/her level of ability.  


All registrations for Chapelwood Kingdom Basketball are made using an online registration system, which can be accessed through the registration button below.  Cost per player is $189, and payment must be made via credit card at time of registration.  This fee includes a team jersey, equipment, practice/instruction time each week and all league fees.  Teams are coached by parents, so please consider signing up to coach your child’s team when registering.


Teams are formed by grouping players by gender and grade level.  We make every effort to accommodate requests listed on individual registrations for a specific coach and/or friends to play with.  These requests should be filled out when registering.  If there are not enough players in a specific grade, we may combine more than one grade on a team.   Pre-formed teams with a coach will be accepted, however, Chapelwood reserves the right to add players to a team at their discretion.  If there is an insufficient number of players for a team, full refunds will be given. 


Pre-season practices will begin in December, 2022.  Your team coach will notify you of what day of the week and the time of your practices.  In-season practices will start in January and continue through basketball season.  All practices will be in the Chapelwood gym.  Games will be on Saturdays, January 7 through February 18, 2023, at various church and school gyms in the Memorial/Spring Branch area.


To provide support, care and encouragement to all children participating in the Chapelwood Sports Ministry, we ask all parents and coaches to abide by the following:

·         Remember the game is for the children, not the adults

·         Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every practice and game

·         Place the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of the children ahead of any personal desire to win

·         Do everything possible to ensure each child plays in a safe and healthy environment

·         Support the coaches and officials in an effort to provide a positive experience for all

·         Uphold a drug, alcohol and tobacco-free sports environment and agree to refrain from their use at all games and practices

·         Respect all players, coaches, officials, parents and other family members of players, regardless of religion, race, gender or ability



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