Make your Marriage Quarantine Proof

Four Date Nights to Help You and Your Spouse Make it Through the Pandemic

Chapelwood Marriage Ministry is partnering with Westminster UMC and our Fair Haven Worship Community to present a series of date nights. Each session includes a video and questions to guide intentional conversations to help couples address the challenges that COVID-19 places on relationships. Kaisi Cunningham, wife of Rev. Andy Cunningham and ministry director at Westminster UMC in Houston, has worked with more than 100 couples to help them strengthen their marriages.  She has a master’s degree in counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary and is a Prepare-Enrich facilitator. In these videos, Kaisi shares vital knowledge and empathetic wisdom in each of the four topics – communication, conflict resolution, sex and intimacy, and balance in a relationship. Questions for conversation are included.

 Make a date with your spouse and get started!

Date Night One: Communication

Date Night Two: Conflict Resolution

Date Night Three: Sex and Intimacy

Date Night Four: Balance