Thank you for making the commitment to be a part of THE Chapelwood team!

Our ministries could not function without the efforts of each one of you. For all of you who work with kids, youth, and vulnerable adults, we are very grateful to you for answering God’s call to serve. We trust that you will be deeply blessed in ministry.

There have been churches accused of mistreating children, youth, and vulnerable adults. Chapelwood wants to do everything possible to protect the people served by our ministries. The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church adopted a Safe Sanctuary policy, and asked its member churches likewise to adopt a policy. Chapelwood's Safe Sanctuary Policy and Volunteer Application was unanimously approved by the Trustees in 2005 and has been effective since January 1, 2006. The purpose of this policy is to protect children, youth, and vulnerable adults to the best of our ability against willful harm. We, the church, have a tremendous responsibility to do whatever we can to provide a “safe sanctuary” for these groups. To that end, the policy requires that each person (without exception) at Chapelwood who has contact with children, youth and vulnerable adults fill out an application so that Chapelwood can complete a background check. What will show up on this background check are misdemeanors and felonies. This may appear to be somewhat intrusive; however, in these times with the responsibility that we as a church are taking on, this is absolutely necessary. The policy also serves as a protection to our volunteers, as it outlines safety standards and includes the two-adult rule for all activities.

Volunteers are asked to familiarize themselves with Chapelwood's Safe Sanctuary policy prior to the beginning of any applicable event or opportunity.

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After reviewing the Safe Sanctuary policy, please complete the test here.

Thank you!