What do we mean when we say, “We are Chapelwood” ?

It’s important for us to know and remember who we are. At Chapelwood, we are Christ followers. We are disciples. Since 1949, we’ve been growing as a family that does God’s work in the world. We’re sharers of God’s grace, mercy, love, and healing because we’ve felt and seen it transform lives and communities. We’re studiers of the Bible. We’re volunteers serving those in need all around us. We’re messengers who share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus with those who need to hear it. We’re the open hands and hearts inviting everyone to join us at God’s Table. We’re working to be the people – the parents, spouses, brothers and sisters, children, employees, friends, and neighbors – God calls us to be.

This is who we are. We are Chapelwood.


God is doing all kinds of amazing things through this big church family of ours. Let's talk about it!

Are you sharing God’s grace in the community or on Chapelwood’s campus?
Has someone poured God’s love into you in a way that really touched you?
Have you been impacted by a class you’re taking here?
Are you on a recovery journey?
Are you finding community?
Have you been here 60 years? Or maybe six months?
Are you searching for more and feeling a nudge to talk it out?

Your story can influence, inspire, and educate others in ways you can't imagine. There are people who need to hear what you have to say - and they may not even know it yet.


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