Every journey begins with a first step, and we’re here to help you find your footing and keep moving on the path God has for you.

What was Chapelwood’s first step?

In late 1948, a small group of thirteen people felt God’s nudge in their lives, gathered in a home, and in January of 1949 held the first Sunday service of what would become Chapelwood. Since then, God has grown “the little chapel in the woods” into a beautifully unique, faithful, and active family of six worship communities serving Jesus every day inside and outside the walls of our Houston campuses and impacting lives around the world. But it all began with a few people who heard God and took the first step towards something new and powerful. Learn more about our history here.

I thought Chapelwood was a large church in Memorial. What are the “six worship communities?”

Yes, we’re a large church congregation – over 7,000 members – but we feel more like a small church because over the years we’ve learned to do things a little differently. Today, Chapelwood is a family of six worship communities in three different locations in Houston, and none are exactly alike. We’re all Chapelwood, but like with any family, each community is quite different, with different pastors, worship styles, ways of learning and growing together, and ways of going out where God leads us to do His work in the world. It all started with Chapelwood, and Chapelwood continues to be the largest worship community of the six. Chapelwood, The Center for Christian Spirituality, and Mercy Street meet on Greenbay Street, Fair Haven and Iglesia Generaciones meet on Gessner Road, and Upper Room Heights meets on 19th Street in the Heights.

With so many parts, what keeps Chapelwood…Chapelwood?

We are Christians first, committed to following Jesus through a personal relationship with Him, to studying the Bible, to knowing and growing with each other, and to telling others about the transforming power of God’s love in our lives. At Chapelwood, we work to do that by embodying God’s grace as we receive it to those who need it, and we believe everybody needs it!

Embodying God’s grace means doing God’s work in the world. It’s reflecting Christ in the way we speak, teach, and live. It’s sharing God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, and healing with everyone. It’s living into the awesome job of being God’s hands and feet doing His work in the world.

That means what we do, what we say, how we show love, how we get involved in Spring Branch, in schools, with our neighbors, at the conference table, and around the world really matters. It’s all a part of how we become who God calls us to be – better neighbors, spouses, parents, kids, co-workers, and friends sharing His grace with the world wherever we are.

How do I check out a service online?

You can watch a service in the Sanctuary every Sunday morning right here.starting with our 9:00 a.m. Contemporary Service followed by the 11:15 a.m. Traditional Service.

The 8:45 a.m. Contemplative Service in the Chapel can be watched live here.

We also archive all recorded services and major concerts on our website for viewing anytime, anywhere by visiting here

You can listen and subscribe to the Chapelwood Sanctuary Podcast, too!

Our video archive is a great resource available any day, any time. Every Sunday our online viewing community of about 400 participates in worship with us from wherever they are, and we know that wherever we are, whenever we choose to spend time with God, He’s there!

What are Chapelwood’s Sunday service times?

Spending a Sunday morning with us is the best way to get a feel for Chapelwood. We have services every Sunday morning on our Greenbay Campus.

9:00 a.m. Contemporary Worship in the Sanctuary

8:45 a.m. Contemplative Worship in the Chapel

10:15 a.m. Sunday School

11:15 a.m. Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary

Where do I park and where do I go for Sanctuary services?

For Sanctuary services, the closest parking is in Lot A. Enter through Door 2 by the fountains if you’d like to visit the Welcome Desk down the hall for a gift and ask any questions before worship. If you’d rather head straight to worship, enter through the Sanctuary doors, marked Door 1, where you’ll enter the Narthex (a churchy word for lobby) and be greeted by Ushers with hand sanitizer, masks (if you forgot yours), and printed bulletins.

Have children with you? Wonderful! Being together as a family to celebrate God’s love could be the highlight of your week. Pick up a Chapelwood Children plastic activity bag in the Narthex with materials for kids to enjoy in the Sanctuary. Know that all children are welcome in church for every service every Sunday and we hope they’ll want to return with you! If you’d rather bring your own activities, you can click here to access printable children’s resources prepared to accompany each weekly sermon.

Where do I go for the Contemplative service?

For Contemplative worship in the Chapel, the closest parking is Lot C by The Anchor House. Enter Door 10 through the Youth Building and follow signs around to the Chapel. You can pick up a printed worship guide and worship supplement just outside the Chapel doors before you enter, preparing for a time of quiet and reflective worship.

Where can I find a campus map?

What can my children do on Sunday morning?

We want you and your children to worship as a family at either 9:00 (Contemporary) or 11:15 a.m. (Traditional).

During the 10:15 a.m. Sunday School hour (while you are also in Sunday School) they are invited to spend time with other kids their age learning about God’s love and having fun together. Children from nursery (3 months old) through elementary age can experience the fun of learning about Jesus through stories, music, games, and crafts, surrounded by kids their age and cared for by Chapelwood staff and members who are background-checked and trained in health and safety protocols.

Students in middle and high school can hang out and have a great time in age specific small groups.

Click here for age-specific registration information.

What should I wear on a Sunday morning?

Please wear a mask! If you forget yours, you can pick a disposable one up from a greeter outside Sanctuary doors or at main entrances. Beyond the all-important mask, you’ll see women in a mix of dresses, skirts, and pants. Some men wear suits, particularly to the 11:15 a.m. Traditional Worship Service, but many skip the tie and jacket and you’ll see some jeans as well. Kids wear dresses, pants, and shorts, some kiddos will be in PJ’s on special Chapelwood Children mornings, and you may even see a dress up costume. Some days, only a train engineer uniform will do. God understands.

How does communion work at Chapelwood?

Holy Communion is part of Sanctuary worship services every first Sunday of the month, and every Sunday in the Contemplative service in the Chapel.

We believe God’s table is open to everyone – children, visitors, seekers with questions – everyone. So you are invited, but not required, to participate. All you need is a desire to draw closer to Christ.

On Communion Sundays, you’ll be offered a sealed, self-contained packet containing a wafer and juice upon entering the Sanctuary or Chapel. Just keep it with you until the time of Holy Communion in the worship service, at which point you’ll hear instructions on opening and receiving the elements right from your pew. A pastor will spend a few moments praying, followed by a time of your own personal prayer. You don’t have to say anything. God hears.

I’m interested, but I have questions about the Christian faith. Is that OK?

We think questions are more than just OK. They’re key to understanding who God is, why we’re here, and how we’re called to act. Questions are how we find answers. We encourage you to ask pastors, people in the pews, staff, or new friends any questions you may have, because we’re all on a journey of learning more together.

You can always reach out to Tammy Heinrich, Pastor of Outreach and Worship for questions as well.

I need to find a safe space and support. Is there someone who can help?

At Chapelwood, we worship, learn, serve, grieve, celebrate, and follow Jesus in community. We listen, we pray, we provide resources and referrals, and we care for one another. We want to be part of the good God has in store for you. You can learn more about how here.