RETREAT UPDATE: At Chapelwood we have been working very hard to ensure everyone’s safety to the best of our ability. In light of the rising numbers of cases, we are going to postpone our 7th & 8th Grade Retreat to late Spring. We know how important retreats are, and don’t want to miss this opportunity by sacrificing any piece of the retreat or having people miss the weekend. You will get more information after the start of the new year. 

We'll be heading back to Stoney Creek Ranch for our 7th & 8th grade retreat this year! Get ready for fun games, time with friends, and an awesome weekend away worshiping God. Check below for this year's retreat theme!

Have you ever run away from something really scary? Whether it was a spider, a house you thought was haunted, or just a really dark basement, it's normal to run away from things that scare us. But sometimes we find ourselves running from things that could help us grow (even if they are a little scary). On this retreat, we'll learn about the story of a man named Jonah, who ran away from something God asked him to do and learned an important lesson in the process. Through his story, we'll discover that you can't outrun God's love, and because God loves us so much, even when we mess up, God gives us more chances. We can't wait to explore this story that's "Hard to Believe" with our students!

Cost for this retreat is $185. Registration is on hold at the moment while we re-schedule for late Spring. 

Drop off/pick up information: 

Please be at Chapelwood near the youth game room for check in at 6:00 PM so we can leave on time at 6:30 PM on the Friday or the retreat. Make sure to bring dinner or eat beforehand as won't be serving dinner that night. On Sunday, our departure is set at 11 AM with the hope to be back at Chapelwood around noon - we will have students contact their parents when we are 30 minutes away from the church. 

Packing List

- Towels, soap and toiletries
- Bible
- Facial Covering 
- Pen or pencil
- Light jacket or sweatshirt 
- Comfortable clothing 
- Insect repellent & sunscreen
- Water bottle
- The camp provides sheets, a blanket, and a pillow, but feel free to pack your own if you prefer!

If you plan on using the zipline & or high ropes course:
- Appropriate clothing, including athletic shoes. (Also note that there may be times when you will be above others, so be selective in choosing your shorts.)
- Close toed shoes

Schedule Conflicts: 

Stoney Creek Ranch is about an hour & a half drive from Chapelwood. If you or your student has a time conflict with our departure or arrival times requiring that you drive your student to the camp late or pick them up early, please email Maddie the details and we will be happy to send you directions & accommodate your student. Please be advised that if you drive your student, we will need you to stay until we have taken their temperature and confirmed that it is below 100.4, if their temperature is higher than 100.4 they will not be permitted to stay. 

Corona Protocols: 

All students will go through health screening as a part of Check In before we leave Chapelwood. Once at Stoney Creek, the camp will do another teperature check. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above will not be permitted to stay. 

While at the camp, we will try to keep students in their cabin groups as much as possible to avoid cross-spreading. This would include having them at a table together in the dinning hall, sitting together during worship, and encouraging them to stay in this group during free time. We will sleep in alternating patterns in cabins as much as possible, and avoid filling cabins to their max capacity. 

Chapelwood's current policy is maintaining a six foot distance and wearing a mask while indoors. While outdoors, we permit students to remove masks if they are six feet away from everyone. We will not require masks in cabins (as that would make it difficult to sleep), but will require them in all other indoor spaces--with the exception of when students are eating. 

If you would like to read through the procedures Stoney Creek Ranch has in place, please email Maddie Schnell, and she will email you a copy of their policies. 

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