2021 Lent Sermon Series
Doors of Hope in the Desert

The journey of life over the past year has revealed our fears, weaknesses, and needs. It has not been an easy year. It feels as if we journeyed through the desert. Many of us feel we are still there, while others of us are beginning to see the edge of the wilderness ahead. The scriptures tell us that God always opens Doors of Hope in the deserts of our lives. But how do we discover those doors as we begin to emerge from the wilderness of pandemic? God always teaches his children in the desert wilderness, but are we willing to listen and learn the lessons? The doors of hope are open; can we see them and move through them?

The prophet Hosea wrote these words from the Lord:
That is when I will entice her to Me, lead her through the wilderness and speak to her heart. From there I will give her back her vineyards, and make the Valley of Trouble the Door of Hope: there she shall respond as when she was young, when she came up out of Egypt. On that Day, says the Lord, you will call me, “My Husband,” and no longer, “My Lord.”

We long for the kind intimacy with God that Hosea writes about. We long for connection with one another. The world needs to see communities of faith that move from captivity to freedom, from loneliness to wholeness, from alienation to community, from hostility to hospitality, and from fatigue to vitality. And when we all reach the end our journey, we want to hear the word of the Lord that comforts us as we face death itself. 

Join us in this very special Lenten journey of 2021 as we discover the Doors of Hope in the Desert of our lives.

February 21
From Captivity to Freedom - Luke 15:11-32

February 28
From Loneliness to Wholeness - Matthew 26:36-56

March 7
From Alienation to Community - Luke 10:25-37

March 14
From Hostility to Hospitality - Matthew 5:43-48

March 21
From Fatigue to Vitality - John 13:1-17

Palm Sunday - March 28
From Denying to Befriending Death -  John 11:38-44

Easter Sunday -  April 4
From Graves to Gardens - John 20:1-18

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