Family Beliefs

A sermon series about what we believe as the people of Chapelwood. 

SUNDAY, October 6
Stories and the Family Meal
MATTHEW 26:26-28

Healthy families share meals and stories at the dinner table. At Chapelwood, there is a story we tell each time we gather at the Lord’s Table. It is the story of God’s ongoing faithfulness from the Garden until now and on until the restoration of all things. As we partake of bread and juice, we are nourished to participate in God’s faithfulness to the world. Here at Chapelwood, our family meals are always open. All are welcome to join in the renewal of all things!

SUNDAY, October 13
Waters of Grace and Family
Luke 3:21-22, Romans 6:1-4

The waters of baptism signify belonging. First, that we belong to the God of unending grace. And that we belong to a particular people of faith. Through baptism, we are marked with the covenant love of God and a church family committed to walking in the way of love together.

SUNDAY, October 20
Family Pilgrimage
Matthew 5:48

Our vision for the Christian life is what John Wesley called “entire sanctification.” The prize of salvation isn’t paradise when we die, but an ongoing renewing of our lives in the present time. This is the journey we are all on together. How might we cultivate a vision for sanctification and participate in it as a church family?

SUNDAY, October 27
Family In Between Sundays
Acts 2:42-47

At the foundation of the Wesleyan movement was what we now commonly refer to as the small group (Sunday School, house church, life group, etc.). It was the ordinary practice of gathering together to follow Jesus as a community that sparked a movement in the 18th Century that continues today. Wesley believed that we cannot mature in our faith alone, we need each other. Join us to learn about some of the ways we might engage in this today.

For more information on the topics in this Sermon Series, click here for the Going Beyond the Sermon Guide. 

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