In the long tradition of this group, we will be  spending the year in the Word, returning to the New Testament, studying the Books of John:  The Gospel and 1st, 2nd & 3rd John. 

The fourth gospel begins, as the Pentateuch did, with the words “In the beginning”.   John gives personal witness to Jesus’ life, death and the signs and statements revealing His identity as the long awaited Messiah.  We will be meeting Jesus and each other face to face and discovering the way to what our hearts were created for--intimacy with our Savior and each other – what true love really means and looks like, up close and personal. 

The beloved disciple wrote as one who was loved, that we might believe, become disciples and make disciples of Jesus.  The gospel will prepare us to receive the important message of John’s three epistles in the spring.  Many of you will have read John before and, perhaps, worked the study questions we will be using.  God’s Word does not change, but as a result of the past year we are changed and that prepares us to receive this text as never before. 

We will begin meeting regularly after Labor Day on Thursday, September 9th.  We will meet weekly in small groups, breaking before Thanksgiving and returning the first week in January, with additional breaks for Chapelwood Spring Thing and SBISD Spring Break. Register at the link below and invite a friend.

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