Starting on Tuesday, February 2 at 7pm, the Men of Chapelwood will hold our first Fatherhood study, "Mending Lines."

For 6 weeks men will meet via zoom to talk about fatherhood. To talk about their own fathers, themselves as fathers and our heavenly father as well.

"The Mending Lines series will arguably be unlike any men's small group you've ever experienced. Instead of an author/speaker laying out a clear, outlined path forward, we offer you the stories of six men. Three dads. Three sons. Unscripted. Broken. Messy. Six episodes where we encounter fathers and sons looking back into their past to write a new chapter for their story ahead.

You don’t need to study, read or be familiar with any previous content to be involved in this series. ­There is one choice you will need to make as you experience Mending Lines, and that is at what level you choose to engage. We call it “challenge by choice,” and that decision lies solely in your hands.”

This is for ALL. Dads of sons. Dads of daughters. Granddads. Soon to be dads. There is great truth to be found.


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