The Red-Letter Challenge

Starting the first Wednesday in February, the Men of Chapelwood will be taking the Red-Letter Challenge. This 40-day challenge will encourage us to examine the words of Christ in new ways. We meet in the Fireside Room at 7:30 P.M.

There are hundreds of books and bible studies on following Jesus, but few are practical and proven. Jesus modeled a whole life and even told us how to follow Him in HIS OWN WORDS (the red letters found in many Bibles). The best way to follow Jesus is simply to follow the words of Jesus.  Red Letter Challenge eliminates the fluff and has helped thousands of people grow closer to God in only 40 days.

Take the 40-Day Red Letter Challenge and master 5 discipleship targets that will help you become a greater follower of Jesus. Read His words and do what He says!

The 5 Discipleship Targets:






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