In this crazy time, don’t parent alone! As we cozy-up even more intimately with our parenting-selves (because we are with our children all. day. long.), we have the opportunity to invite God into that space.
So, put the kids to bed, put on you pjs and meet with other Chapelwood moms for encouragement, troubleshooting, and let’s walk each other through these weeks of all this family "togetherness." Parenting Pastor, Rachel Sciretti, will lead us through reading a scripture using our "parenting eyes and ears." We will ask ourselves, "What is the good news for parents in this passage?"
Wednesday evenings at 8:30-9:15 p.m. via Zoom. Email Rachel at and she will email you the link.
Show up whenever and however you can. We’ll be there. No pressure. Only grace.

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