Lent Sermon Series
Signs: 7 Miracles About Something More

A sign always points us toward something.  A sign can direct us to slow down or speed up.  A sign can direct us to turn left or turn right.  A sign can also point to someone.  In the Gospel of John, the miracles of Jesus are called 'signs.' John is very intentional in his word choice of 'signs' instead of miracles. John wanted us to see how the miracles of Jesus in his gospel were pointing to something...pointing to Jesus! During Lent, we want to help you find God's truth by exploring the spiritual meaning of the seven signs performed by Jesus that are recorded in the Gospel of John. We will discover how these signs point to Jesus and shine a light on his work to bring about the new creation. This Lenten season, we want to follow the inspired purpose of the Apostle John himself - to encourage faith in Christ.

Sunday, March 1
Changing the Water Into Wine
John 2:1-11

Sunday, March 8
Healing the Royal Official's Son
John 4:46-54

Sunday, March 15
Healing the Paralytic
John 5:1-15

Sunday, March 22
Feeding the 5000
John 6:5-14

Sunday, March 29
Jesus Walking on Water
John 6:16-24

Sunday, April 5 (Palm Sunday)
Healing the Man Blind from Birth
John 9:1-7

Sunday, April 12 (Easter Sunday)
The Grave Is Defeated
John 11:1-45

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