"The Song in You,” A Zoom Webcast, will include entertainment by inspirational speaker and concert artist, LaDonna Gatlin.  Guests will also enjoy learning more about the remarkable local and global impact your gifts have made possible through the Foundation.  LaDonna Gatlin will delight us with her humor, story-telling, and musical talent.  She has been wowing audiences since she was five years old.  Born into "showbiz," LaDonna grew up onstage singing with her brothers, the legendary Gatlin Brothers.  She now performs for groups all over the country with her unique brand of enertainment.  She is known for her ability to make audiences laugh, lighten their load, and leave them with a song in their hearts.  This will be a magical evening you won't want to miss!  Please click on the button below for underwriting opportunities.

Mission Statement of the Chapelwood Foundation:

The Chapelwood United Methodist Church Foundation provides for the future of this congregation's mission to bring Christ and His love to our local and global communities. It is a way to continue giving in support of our church now and into the future. Gifts made to the Foundation have made a difference in many lives, both young and old, through opportunities in schools, our community, and the world.


The Chapelwood Foundation would like to thank our Flame Alive Fellowship members for their faithful support. Flame Alive Fellowship memberships help reduce overhead costs and expenses, which directly increases the amount given to charitable ministries. Each Flame Alive Fellowship enrollment provides the Foundation with additional funds to support significant projects that bring Christ and His love to our local and global communities. Your support is essential so that Chapelwood can continue to be salt and light in our world now and for generations to come. We hope that you will consider supporting the Foundation through your new or renewal membership in the Flame Alive Fellowship. We thank you for your past support, and hope you will partner with the Foundation to continue changing lives and transforming communities through Christ's love and grace.


The Chapelwood Foundation shares God's grace with college students through scholarships, mentoring, and support during their college years.  We are blessed to be a part of their educational journey. 

Gifts, Memorials & Honorariums

To make a gift (including an honarium or memorial) to the Chapelwood Foundation, please click on the link above.

Community Grants

The Chapelwood Foundation shares God's grace through awarding community grants to local organizations in Spring Branch and Greater Houston.  These gifts help meet the critical needs of food, housing, medical care, employment, education, and other essentials.

Global Grants

The Chapelwood Foundation shares God's grace by awarding global grants to amazing organizations around the world.  These gifts help empower and lift up individuals through education, job training, medical care and emergency assistance.

2019 Donor List

2018 Donor List

With your support, the Foundation will continue to share God's grace and help those in need here and all across God's kingdom. 

For more information, please contact Andy Noel at ANoel@chapelwood.org

Click here to download the 2019 Annual Report, or browse through it, below.


Kristi Herndon

Ministry Assistant, Chapelwood Foundation

Kristi Herndon

Ministry Assistant, Chapelwood Foundation

P: (713) 465-3467 ext. 256

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