Iconoclast Artists

Iconoclast Artists is a 501c3 and an incarnational ministry of Chapelwood UMC. We build relationships with students in underserved schools and adolescent juvenile detention centers through a creative writing and arts curriculum and social and emotional learning (SEL).

Part of our mission is to create community in these contexts and to bridge relationships between the church and these students. We believe that building relationships in these contexts opens up creative and redemptive possibilities and horizons for both our church and in these students’ lives. You’ll see our Teaching Fellows participate in the life of our church through poems in worship services throughout the year and other special occasions.

We invite you to participate through Iconoclast Artists poetry nights that take place at Chapelwood and other sites in our area throughout the year!

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Mark Your Calendars

April 8 Iconoclast Session

At Chapelwood featuring Mark Jodon and Amal Kassir
Live on Facebook link to CUMC event page

September 23 Iconoclast Session

In Galveston at Central UMC

October 21 Family Night

In Galveston at Urban Strategies

November 4 Iconoclast Session

Chapelwood UMC

December 9 Family Night

In Galveston at Urban Ministries