Chapelwood Senior Adult Ministry is founded on the principle that on-going faith development of older adults is critical for the transformation of our communities. Not only does Chapelwood offer a number of Sunday school classes but we also offer opportunities for intentional lifelong learning and growth toward a mature and vital faith.

We believe that God’s world is big and beautiful, and we are inwardly changed when we participate in that beauty. Whether at a museum, a play, a lecture, a garden, or the Grand Canyon – God’s goodness, truth, and beauty are everywhere, calling out to us. And we don’t want to miss it.

Our spiritual development is not only related to Bible study and worship, but the relationships we build with one another when we fellowship and do life together. Physical movement classes, interest groups, day trips, overnight trips, book groups, and “lunch & learn” opportunities are some of the ways we find this relational connection. We hope you will join us! There is always room at the table for you.


Book Club

Senior Adult Day Trip: Treasures of Orange, TX


Senior Adult Trip: Coastal Maine


Rachel Sciretti

Associate Pastor, Adult Discipleship (Senior Adults)

Rachel Sciretti

Associate Pastor, Adult Discipleship (Senior Adults)

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