The acolyte ministry originated from Old Testament times. The Scriptures tell us of the prophet Samuel assisting Eli the priest, and of Elijah being assisted by Elisha. The word “acolyte” comes from the Greek word “akolouthos,” which means a servant or attendant who waits on another. Being an acolyte is much more than just lighting candles.  It teaches young people that they are an important part of the worship of God. 

Children in 4th-6th grades are invited to serve as acolytes for the 11:15 sanctuary service. 

Most acolytes serve once time per month at the 11:15 a.m. service. Parents may use the sign up link above to choose a service. 

We hope that by serving as an acolyte, these young people will experience a sense of spiritual belonging and fulfillment in serving their church. Through this experience they can make new friends, have fun, and grow in their commitment to their faith.

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