Work in Guatemala

There are more than 370,000 children who are orphaned in Guatemala. 68% of all children in Guatemala live below the poverty line. Guatemala’s poverty is highest in remote areas with little access to quality education and good nutrition. 5,000 girls under the age of 15 become pregnant every year, and 8 out of 10 women are victims of abuse or exploitation. 75% of all children attending school in Guatemala will drop out after sixth grade, and only 4% will graduate from high school. Orphan Outreach responds to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in Guatemala in five ways. They provide safe, nurturing support for young adults as they leave traditional residential care and navigate the transition to independent living. They provide restoration and security to children whose lives have been ravaged by neglect, abuse, and exploitation. They invest in community outreach programs that strengthen and preserve families in high-risk, impoverished areas. These programs provide nutritious meals, access to Christian education, quality counseling and mentoring, and urgently needed medical care. We equip students and their families with the resources needed to continue their educational journey through junior high and high school. We provide Christ-centered therapeutic support for children and young adults with disabilities.

Mission Tem 

September 18-22 2022

We have a team of Chapelwood members going on a mission with Orphan Outreach on the dates listed above. They are collecting medicine, team supplies, and personal care products to bring with them for the 80 vulnerable children they will visit at the Community Care Center in Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

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Volunteers Needed: