Chapelwood Kitchen Ministry wants to connect our members through the hospitality of food service and allow us to provide that hospitality to others in need at this unprecedented time.

Prepared meals are available for purchase and pick up through pre-registration, or for donation and delivery to others through Chapelwood volunteers.

Menu and guidelines

Order or donate a meal


Instructions for meal pick up:

  • Clients will pull up to Entrance 7 by the Bookstore.
  • The client will inform the volunteers of their names. Then the volunteer will locate the food based upon the tags placed on the orders.
  • The client will then open their trunk for the food to be placed inside.
  • If a person needs the food put into the back seat of the car, they will have to get out and grab the food from a specified cart. They will load the food themselves.
  • The car is free to turn around and drive out

If you need help with food or any other matter, let us know and we will do all we can to help!

Chapelwood wants to be part of feeding bodies and souls to keep us nourished and connected even when we're apart. Know you are loved and part of the way God uses each of us to make a difference in the world. 
Blessings to you! 
Chapelwood Kitchen Ministry

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