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God Unbound: Wisdom from Galatians for the Anxious Church by Elaine A. Heath

Paul speaks boldly to the church in Galatia with strong language about what they believed about what is and what is not required for the Christian faith.  He was so passionate about it that he then took it to the Jerusalem Council.  The Mosaic Law no longer justified us.  We are justified through faith in Jesus Christ!

The church today continues to wrestle with rules, works, and the concept of faith.  Elaine Heath, Dean of Duke Divinity School and an elder in the United Methodist Church, uses her own personal faith journey along with scripture to guide readers today to live out our faith to the margins of society where God’s kingdom and love abounds.

Booked For Lunch is a quarterly opportunity for women to read and challenge ourselves with the many facets of Christian life.  Order your book through your favorite store and join us for another challenging discussion at Booked For Lunch on Tuesday, May 11, in the Fireside Room from 12pm-1:30pm.  Teresa Rossy, Director of Grow Ministries, will facilitate the discussion of this short but powerful reading and help give inspiration to our anxious church today. 

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