Group Contact: Nicole Nehring

Community: Sanctuary

Booked For Lunch is a quarterly opportunity for women to read and challenge ourselves with the many facets of Christian life.

    Join us to discuss The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World by Melinda Gates. The Moment of Lift chronicles the experiences and travels Melinda has made for their foundation and the women and girls she has met who have impacted her beliefs and her decisions on what they support. She also shares personal stories of her family and of growing up as a woman in the tech industry. Through it all she has discovered that when you lift the plight of women, you lift the whole society. This is a universal truth no matter the culture.

    Facilitating the discussion will be Vinicia White, the President of Gracewood, a Christian, multi-family home in Spring Branch that lifts women and their children from the threat of homelessness. 

    “Vi” White is passionate about helping women who are in transitional phases of life gain the necessary tools to become independent and live fulfilling, God-honoring lives!  She has dedicated her career to empowering marginalized women and has worked with domestic violence and sexual assault victims, women in recovery, and now single mothers.  Vi served faithfully as the Director of Programs and Services for Gracewood for the past 6 years and by unanimous decision of the Board of Trustees has recently been named President. Vi is honored to provide visionary leadership as Gracewood equips single mothers to rise above life's challenges and thrive.

    We will not only discuss this thought-provoking book but also explore how we can lift those around us in the Houston and Spring Branch area through advocacy and action.

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    Upcoming Dates:

    November 29, 2022

    January 31, 2023


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