Group Contact: Nicole Nehring

Community: Sanctuary

First Place 4 Health is a Christ-centered health program that emphasizes balance in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of life.  As we learn to keep Christ first in our lives, we find that He is the One who satisfies our hunger and our every need. 

Through studying The Joy of Adventure by Debbie Behling, we’ll explore what it means to experience joy.  Is it an emotional feeling or something much deeper? And where do we find it? How do we sustain it? Happiness is based on circumstances and perception. As high as we can feel when we are happy, we can also experience enormous depressing depths when happiness fades. Wendy Mixon and Jennifer Mohr will be co-leading this study.  Please contact Wendy Mixon to register and with questions about this Bible study.



Tuesdays, April 11 – June 6, LC 214-215

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11140 Greenbay St., LC 214Houston, TX 77024

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