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Is the level of stillness and quiet in worship a barrier for your children?

Some children might find it difficult to participate in these activities for long periods of time, but are “aged out” of nursery care. So, how do you participate in worship and ensure your children get the spiritual support they deserve?

Your Children Will Love Godly Play! 

Godly Play is a Montessori-based curriculum with roots in Houston that has helped children cultivate wonder, reverence, spiritual language, and an age-appropriate understanding of the biblical story.

Chapelwood’s Godly Play program is open to all families. It is administered by The Center for Christian Spirituality, our contemplative community, whose worship service is in the Chapel at 8:45 a.m.

Godly Play is led by a rotation of trained and vetted church members who serve as the  “Storytellers” and “Doorpersons.” One Storyteller and one Doorperson are always present for each session.

Godly play is for Older 3s – Upper Elementary (5th Grade)

Children can arrive between 8:30-8:40 a.m. The Doorperson engages the children in conversation, games, and quiet activities. Sometimes they go to the Courtyard and play while they wait for 8:40 when the Storyteller invites them in. The session ends at 9:35-9:40 a.m. Each child receives a blessing from the Storyteller before they leave. Parents wait in the hallway. There are windows so the leaders and parents can see through. Godly Play is a journey we begin together and end together.

We would love to know ahead of time if you are coming so we can answer any questions, but it is certainly not necessary. You can just show up. There is a sign-in clipboard where we ask for a parent/grandparent’s cell number that we can text should your child need you during the hour.

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