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Community: Sanctuary

We all want to be good fathers, but how do we do it? Most of us have good intentions, but we actually approach parenting with very little foresight. What if a group of dads banded together and said we’re doing this? What impact could that have on their families, their circles of influence, and even this city? Led by Scott Humphrey, a man whose children have all graduated and felt a calling to pour back into dads of younger children, this 5-week study calls the hearts of fathers back to their children in both powerful and practical ways.

The study is based on Jon Tyson's, "The Intentional Father," a book that lays out Jon's own strategy and experience with raising his own son. Reading the book is highly encouraged for your own challenge and growth, but we will be adapting it from his primarily father/son experience to a more broad fatherhood/parenting context. Inviting a group of other dads that you hope to enter this journey together will be greatly beneficial, and attendees are not required to be members of the church. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Dads with children of all ages are invited, but those with children ages 8-15 will get the most out of this study.

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We will meet on Sundays in October and November @ 5:45 p.m. except holidays.

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