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Community: Sanctuary

      The Epic of Eden: Deborah

      You will not want to miss being a part of this small group as we dive into Dr. Sandra Richter’s newly released video series and study guide on Deborah found in the Book of Judges.  The prophet Deborah transforms chaos into order and, as a woman, leads Israel in one of the most pivotal victories of the settlement period teaching us all what is worth fighting for, where our loyalties lie, and asks do we trust the Lord in all battles. She is a wife and mother in an entirely patriarchal world, yet due to her integrity and courage, she transforms chaos into order and leads Israel in one of the most pivotal victories of the settlement period. This study compels the modern reader to ask and answer three critical questions:

            1. What territory can you see from where you're standing that you know belongs to the Kingdom, but is not yet won? 
            2. Is it worth fighting for?
            3. Are you willing to step out on faith and trust God for the victory?

      Bring your lunch and come join us in this eight-week study to not only grow in your spiritual journey but also to connect to others in a small group setting. The study guides will be released on August 27, and you can pre-order your copy on Amazon, Walmart, or Target.

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       September 9 – November 4 (not meeting on October 14)

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