God's love, grace, and healing can sometimes seem like a beautiful mystery. Fortunately for us, God made us to love each other in simple ways. We can start right where we are and share something someone around us really needs - a laugh, someone to listen, a few extra dollars, prayer, praise, forgiveness... That’s doing God’s work in the world. That’s how we make a difference.

We invite you to try some of these simple ideas, have fun with your own, and see where God leads!

      Tell someone how they’ve made a difference in your life.

Buy someone’s coffee.

Write an old-fashioned-mail note. Everyone loves fun mail!

Tell a coworker doing a great job that you appreciate them.

If you disagree with something someone posted on social media, don’t post a retort. Instead, invite them to sit down over coffee and talk about it. Hear each other.

Pray right now for three people on your mind.

Buy an extra of something you like and share it with someone.

Put away your phone and talk to the person at checkout.

 Turn the radio off, put the phone up, and talk to the people in the car with you.

Think of a restaurant you love and invite someone along, your treat.

As you get dinner ready, pray for the people who helped make it possible – the farmer, the rancher, the harvester, the delivery truck driver, the person who stocked the item in the store, the store manager, the checkout employee…

Make a card for a teacher.


Send an anonymous encouragement note.

Offer to babysit for someone. (A single parent would really love this gift!)

Invite someone on a walk, even just down the halls at work, and listen to what’s on their mind.

Think of someone you know who could be down. Call and check on them.

Think of someone you know who seems strong. Call and check on them, too.

Let the car go in front of you…without honking!

Take time for yourself.

Tell your child about the gifts you see in them.

Tell your partner about the gifts you see in them.

Tell your parents about the gifts you see in them.

Go meet a neighbor you don’t know.

Go on a date right at home. Invite your special someone, put it on the calendar, be on time, be present, and be yourself.

Volunteer with a local organization doing good. Need some ideas? Click here.

Run an errand for someone.

Buy someone’s groceries.

Tell someone about your favorite something and ask them about theirs. What did you learn about them?

Sit next to someone different at lunch.

Take a break in programming to talk.

Invite someone who might be left out.

Make eye contact with the homeless person. Say hello. Ask their name.

Bake cookies for someone.

Take treats, a meal, or gift cards to your local police or fire station.

Talk to the person at checkout and ask how you can pray for them.

Ask someone this evening about the best and hardest parts of their day.

 There are a million big and small ways to make a difference. We hope you have fun finding a few new ways to do it and hope someone makes a difference in your day, too!
Can Chapelwood make a difference in your life? Let's find out! Come see us in person or check out a Sunday service online. We’d love to be part of what God has in store for you!


Whitney Allen
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