GRAPHIC_Going Beyond the Sermon

Going Beyond the Sermon (GBS) is a brief Bible study that complements the Sunday sermon. It follows the Bible S.W.A.P. method – Scripture, What Does it Mean and What Can I Obey, Application, and Prayer. Click here for a printable PDF file you can use for personal or group study. If you would like to receive the “Going Beyond the Sermon” tool delivered to your inbox each week, simply e-mail Teresa Rossy.

Lenten Sermon Series: Doors of Hope in the Desert

February 21 - April 4, 2021 GBS

Stewardship Sermon Series: Seeds of Hope

The Seeds of Vision

February 7, 2021 GBS

The Seeds of Gratitude

January 31, 2021 GBS

The Seeds of Generosity

January 24, 2021 GBS

Cultivating the Soil in 2021

January 17, 2021 GBS

Baptism of the Lord Sunday
Remember Your Baptism and Be Thankful

January 10, 2021 GBS

Wesleyan Covenant Renewal Service 
Baaaa or Maaaa?

January 3, 2021 GBS

Advent Sermon Series
Home by Another Way

November 29 - December 27 GBS

October/November Sermon Series
The Eye of the Storm: Spiritual Practices for Difficult Days

October 11 GBS

October 4 GBS

Fall Sermon Series
Finding Life in the Desert

September GBS

Summer Sermon Series
At the Feet of the Rabbi

August 30 GBS

August 23 GBS

August 16 GBS

August 9 GBS

August 2 GBS

June 28 - July 26 GBS

June 21, 2020
I'll Be There for You

June 21 GBS

June 14, 2020

June 14 GBS

June 7, 2020
Do You See This Woman?

June 7 GBS

May 31, 2020
No More Locked Doors

May 31 GBS

April/May 2020 Series
Living the Story of God: Discovering Our Place

April 19 GBS

April 26 GBS

May 3 GBS

May 10 GBS

May 17 GBS

May 24 GBS

Lent 2020 Series
Signs: 7 Miracles About Something More

March 1 - April 12 GBS

February 2020 Series
Encountering Jesus 

February 9 - 23 GBS

January/February 2020 Series 
The Impact of Generosity

Jan. 12 - Feb. 2 GBS

Advent 2019 Series
Season of Anticipation

Dec. 1-22 GBS