Many thanks to the generous authors who wrote from the heart to help us all focus our attention on God as we ask, “Lord, where would you want me to be in my giving?”

Ferocious Focus by Linda Withers

Sunday, January 9 Devotional

Emotions Reveal our Idols by Nicole Nehring

Weds., January 12 Devotional

The Right Amount of Community by Allison Carter

Sunday, January 16 Devotional

Our Community of Grace by Ken Rossy

Weds., January 19 Devotional

Begging to Give by Tammy Heinrich

Sunday, January 23 Devotional

Giving that Starts Small by Nancy Weich

Weds., January 26 Devotional

The Path Less Traveled by TaJuana Antwine

Sunday, January 30 Devotional

The Prickly Tree by TaJuana Antwin

Weds., February 2 Devotional