Covering Our Global Ministry Partners in Prayer

At noon on July 10, Stanley Gitari, Community Strategy and Advancement Officer for Maua Methodist Hospital logged onto a zoom call with Evan Nehring, Associate Director of Serving Ministries. They shared their joy to see each other again and then went into prayer over COVID-19, Kenya, and to bless the next 24-hours. This was the start of Chapelwood’s 24-hour Global Missions Prayer Vigil.

The zoom call represented the “prayer room” and over the next 24 hours, someone was always on the call. When a new person would log on to take over “the prayer room” they were prayed over by the person they were taking over for. Each of the thirty-minute slots was assigned to one of Chapelwood’s Global Partners/Missionaries to be prayed over.

One prayer partner regarded: “The way Zoom was used as a tool to have a connection with others praying was very positive, especially in this time of staying at home.

During the Prayer Vigil over 40 different people spent time in prayer. There were even some missionaries and staff of partner organizations from Mission on the Move, Orphan Outreach, Living Water International, HAPI, and Maua Methodist Hospital who joined in the prayer vigil!

You could feel the Holy Spirit moving and touching the lives of the people praying and those receiving the prayers throughout the event.

One of the participants remarked: “I treasured the solitude and silence for my time. I sensed it was God and me together with full attention on the grounds of MMH (Maua Methodist Hospital). I was very grateful that I was able to give full attention to this.”

And another stated: “I could feel my heart growing closer - a deeper connection - to the organization that I was praying for. I also felt like there was a group of us praying and could see the names of people and organizations.

As Chapelwood seeks to be a part of God’s impact on the world, our first Global Missions Prayer Vigil was an event that will be remembered as one that drew people closer to God and showed His love of the nations through Chapelwood. We will continue to serve, love, and pray for our partner ministries, missionaries, and people in need around the world because it is in our DNA.

Evan Nehring
Serving Team