Pamela Moore: Gifts – an Investment in Our Community

My family moved to the Spring Branch area in the mid 40s when there was no Chapelwood. The Methodist Church was trying to make an impact in the community, so they came to Spring Branch Elementary. We were so captured by the friendliness of the people. It was a small group back then with Grady Hardin as the pastor. I think we were touched by the warmth, having been a part of a little choir with the Lutheran church. Things were very different in the Methodist church. We really fell in love with what was happening. It reminds me so much of how we are today. We may be a lot bigger, but there’s something about the warmth and the connectedness of people that’s never gone away.

I see what Chapelwood today is because I’ve seen the little chapel in the woods. It started with only 13 people and grew to have these names on the wall of our church. It meant so much to these people to have this community. Now, how many communities do we have now across Houston? I have seen these kids as they grow up, they marry, and then their children have children. I’m telling my age here, but I don’t really care because it’s so wonderful to see how Christ has been a part of everyone’s lives here. When I don’t think it can get better, it gets better. It’s not a big church, it’s a tight-knit community.

I invest in Chapelwood now because I’ve seen how it produces a difference in life. I’ve seen lives change for the better. I believe that you have to give back. I believe that you have to give your time, your talent, and your resources. I believe what the Bible says about tithing. I saw this in one of my aunts and uncles. I saw how they lived and I became so excited when they would talk about sharing their resources with the church. They believed so deeply in what they did and where their resources went.

I had to ask a lot of questions about tithing. I knew what the scripture said about it. But what does that really mean for me? Sacrifice has become an important part of giving to me. I believe that because my life has been so blessed, I want to share those blessings with others.

I hope that in five years, Chapelwood can continue to be leaders in this community – not just Piney Point Village, but in Houston and wherever else God may take us. Wherever we have missions, I want to see how our congregation is out there spreading the word. I have full faith that our clergy will continue to teach us gratitude, fellowship, commitment, and dedication to help us learn to share our faith with the world. But first, we have to make that step. We can’t just listen. We have to actively work on building our faith and our community. If we all did that, imagine what Chapelwood would be in five years. It’s mind boggling.

The little chapel in the woods is something I take to heart. We’ve all invested in this community. I see brick and mortar, change, and expansion. I don’t know how it could get much better, but I know it could. There’s enrichment and new life growing here. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.