Tracy Little: Witnessing Through Actions and Words

I’ve seen God in move in ways that both surprise me and don’t surprise me. This Chapelwood community has opened itself up to people who are different than they are, they’ve been open to different ideas, and they’ve been open to sharing. They bring hope to people who don’t have hope, bring value to people who don’t think they have value, and bring worth to people who don’t think they have worth. It’s tremendous. It’s what we’re called to do as a church.

I think there’s something about this community that’s got the spirit.

I look at things like the Spring Branch Elementary program, I look at the Spring Branch Family Development Center, I look at what we’re doing over on Campbell road with Albion. The numbers of kids we touch every day is just amazing to me. Churches can be very introspective, but Chapelwood has always been very outward-looking—looking for people to help, looking for the tough situations and not walking away from them. I think that is part of our DNA. Reaching out to others has always been part of our DNA.

I’m part of a men’s breakfast group and have been for 29 years. We’ve changed as a group over time: we’re more open with each other and we talk about things that really matter instead of just, “How are you doing,” and “How are the Astros doing?” We really get involved in each others’ lives. Each one of those guys in that group have had major challenges, and the way they’ve given support to each other and prayed for each other, and been with each other, and called up to check on each other, it makes a tremendous difference.

What I’m passionate about has changed over the seasons of my life. The thing I’ve never been passionate about in the past has been “reaching people for Christ.” However, in the last three or four years that’s really become a passion of mine. I haven’t acted on it like I need to or want to, because I feel held back by my inadequacies, but I’m going to work through that with the help of the church and the community. That’s the one thing I think the church is called to do, without question.

I think the only reason people are willing to get out of their comfort zone is because they have the confidence that God’s with them, God’s going to go with them, and God’s gone before them. I think it’s not so much that we’re called as a church, it’s that we’re called as individuals. And the challenge is to accept that and move forward.