At Chapelwood, we are committed to assisting our community in any possible way, and this includes ensuring that our environment is as healthy as it can be at a time when there is so much concern about the Coronavirus, COVID-19. 

To do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, Chapelwood is following protocol to not have group gatherings. Out of love and an abundance of caution, Chapelwood is canceling all events, groups, and worship services on all of our campuses until May 8. Note: If the CDC, state, and local leaders revise this timeline, we will follow their lead - whether it be a shorter or longer duration. 

Here's what to look for from Student Ministry 

One of the best ways to stay updated is to follow us on social media. You can click here to find us on FaceBook, and you can follow us on instagram @chapelwoodstudents.

Monday - Devotional Video from Staff Member

Each Monday we will be posting a devotional from one of our staff members to Facebook & Instagram. These devotionals will include questions for our students & their families to think about, as well as a challenge for that week. 

Tuesday - Video Testimonial

On Tuesday's we'll be share a video from either one our student leaders or someone who is involved with our student ministry, about what they're thankful for & where they've been able to see God working in their life. You can find these videos on our Facebook & Instagram pages.

If you have a story about how God is moving in your life that you'd like to share, reach out to Maddie Schnell

Wednesday - Resources for Family Bible Study

We've always had our Bible Studies on Wednesdays and while that will stay consistent, during this season it will look a little different. We would love during this time for you as a family to have Wednesday night Family Bible Study. 

We will send out a guide that you can use for the next month so. It will have scripture references, questions, talking points, and a challenge for each week. Feel free to use all of it, add to it, change it to fit your family! The goal is for you to be engaging in scripture together! This guide will be sent via email, and can also be found on our Facebook page here, as well as on our Instagram profile in the story hightlight labeled "Stay Connected". 

Sunday - (AM) Livestream & (PM) Virtual Life Groups

In the morning we hope you will join us for church from the comfort of your home! Each Sunday Chapelwood will have a livestream of the sanctuary service. You can join us for worship online at We want to stay in touch, so please be sure to register your attendance and submit prayer requests online. 

On Sunday nights at 6:30 PM we will gather as life groups via Google Hangouts. This platform allows us to see each other and chat. For this to work, we will need an email address from each student. Please send to  Maddie Schnell. Watch the email for an invitation from Google Hangouts. You will also need to either download Google Hangouts or use in a web browser.  

On March 29th we will host our first life groups at 6:30 pm. Make sure you have Google Hangouts open at this time. These will be in the normal life group format with regular life group leaders.

On Going

Marco Polo: We have set up a Marco Polo group for each grade. If you are unfamiliar with this app, Marco Polo is a video messaging and video hosting service mobile app. Similar to a walkie-talkie, messages are sent immediately and are available for the recipients to view and respond to almost instantly. For your student to participate, please have them download the Marco Polo app (it's free!), then they can join the group and they will be able to connect with one another and staff by sending short videos. If you have issues joining a Marco Polo group, please contact Dalton Marcum.

Click here to join the 7th Grade - Class of 2025 group on Marco Polo:

 Click here to join my 8th Grade - Class of 2024 group on Marco Polo:

 Click here to join my 9th Grade - Class of 2023 group on Marco Polo:

 Click here to join my 10th Grade - Class of 2022 group on Marco Polo:

 Click here to join my 11th Grade - Class of 201 group on Marco Polo:

 Click here to join my 12th Grade - Class of 2020 group on Marco Polo:

"Office Hours"All of our Student Ministry Staff will have "office hours" from 9 am - 4 pm Monday through Thursday and Sundays from 6 - 7 pm as we work remotely, so feel free to call us or e-mail us! 

Other: We are also looking into some fun ways that we can fellowship together. Watch your emails and social media for more information!

Staff will also be reaching out to students and families to check in, see how they are doing, chat about life, and continue to build relationships. 

If you have a prayer request or need help, click here!

To reach out to a specific member of our staff click below:

Sarah Barnett 

Pastor, Student Discipleship

Becca Howard

Ministry Assistant, Student Discipleship

Dalton Marcum

Associate Director,  Student Discipleship

Maddie Schnell

Associate Director,  Student Discipleship