After the resurrection of Jesus, the disciples are challenged with a new way of seeing and acting at every turn. Everything is different and everything is about to change. In the time between Easter and Pentecost, Jesus is preparing his disciples for new life in a brand new world. What does it mean to follow a God who suffers and dies, and says that we will too?  Jesus teaches The Way to Love…to raise up a community of caring and a community that gives to each other. At Chapelwood, our deep desire is to allow Jesus to lead us into a new world before us…a post-pandemic world. Jesus forms us into a new community, teaching us what we need and how we need to see and respond to each other (peace, abiding, sharing resources, laying down life). This is The Way to Love that Jesus models for us.

Join us in April and May as we spend time with the Risen Jesus who is attempting to get us to see and reestablish our lives on the alternative foundation of his life, love, and leading. For this to happen, we will need God’s peace and a deep love for one another and remain deeply connected to the Vine, not controlled by a fear of death, but by a love that is beyond death. Our hope is to go beyond simply “teaching” the ways to love, and to actually gather together and put the lessons into practice.

April 11    Matt Russell
 “All the Light You Cannot See”     John 20:19-31

April 18     Matt Russell
“The Hidden Place of Love”     Luke 24:36-48

April 25    John Stephens
“Listening to the Shepherd’s Whisper”    John 10:11-18 

May 2     John Stephens
“Grafted in the Way of Love”     John 15:1-8

May 9   John Stephens
“The Way to Love”    John 15:9-17

May 16    John Stephens
“Sent Into the World for Jesus”    John 17:6-19