Make it special. Make it yours.

Designate a sacred space in your home. 

  • Clean up the area. 
  • Position the furniture so you can see the screen.
  • Silence your devices. Declare it a “device-free” zone (except of course for the one on which you are using to watch the service).

Create an altar.

  • Use a table or fireplace.
  • Light a candle as worship begins. Snuff it out when worship ends.
  • Display meaningful objects such as a cross, flowers from your yard, a special rock or shell, a purple cloth for Lent/black for Good Friday/white for Easter.
  • Don’t forget your Bible! 
  • Set out an empty bowl or plate as a symbol of giving your offering.

Wondering what to wear?

  • That’s up to you, but make a conscious decision. Pajamas? Great! Jeans? Go for it. Sunday best? More power to ya. Make sure everyone in your family knows.

Worship is for children too!

  • Remind children to bring their Bibles and Bible storybooks.
  • Invite them bring an offering they can place in the bowl or basket.
  • Make your own clipboards like the ones we have in the sanctuary! Print out these activity sheets (mazes, word searches, crossword puzzles, coloring sheets) that connect to the week’s scripture. Gather up pencils or crayons too.


Don’t just sit there. This isn’t TV.

Join in the responses.

  • Sing along. Find the Scripture in your Bible. Stand for its reading. Kneel for prayer. Clap. Dance. Take notes.
  • When Pastor L.M. shares a word for children, encourage the children to pay attention. Invite children to participate in the rest of the service as they are able, but young children might just need to play with quiet toys on the floor.
  • Don’t be afraid to pause the service to take care of personal needs or the needs of those with whom you are worshiping.
  • Set up a Facebook “Watch Party” to include your Facebook friends. It’s sort of like inviting your friends to your church. (Obviously if you do this, then you will need your device.)


Talk about it.

engage in discussionS.

  • “What’s your takeaway?” “What was most meaningful to you?”
  • Call a friend who worshipped too and talk about it.
  • Create a tradition around this time like enjoy Sunday brunch or special meal