The Restoration Team is a collaboration birthed by Chapelwood, several area United Methodist Churches, and non-profit organizations out of Hurricane Harvey recovery and restoration efforts. It is now focused on cooperative response to area disasters. Chapelwood's response to Imelda's impacts will be in partnership with The Restoration Team.

We are continuing to encourage people that need assistance to visit or call 1-800-451-1954, and also visit

We need assistance with calling people who have registered in our areas and doing verbal assessments of their needs (you can volunteer below). We also need to send people to do physical assessments if their home still needs to be gutted. We will be focused on Spring Branch, and NorthEast Houston. There are 40 families that we need to contact and see what needs they have.

We encourage you to pray for all those already affected by the storm. Pray for those who will help with the recovery. Pray for patience and relief from the anxiety we all feel as we see this familiar story unfold again. Remember, this is not a sprint.

If you would like to volunteer click here or call Carson at 214-206-5274 (email

If you would like to make a donation specifically for Imelda cleanup efforts, please click here and note “Imelda Response” with your gift.