Who can be married at Chapelwood?

We invite members and non-members alike to be married at Chapelwood.  All couples married here must agree to the guidelines and contractual arrangements as defined in our documentation and discussed with the Wedding Coordinator.  Weddings are not considered confirmed until the signed contract and wedding fee are received.

Marrying at Chapelwood does not automatically make you a member.  Please let us know if you are interested in joining.

What is the payment schedule?


Member Pricing
Members are defined as the bride, groom, biological parent(s), stepparent(s), or biological grandparent(s) are active at Chapelwood UMC for at least six (6) months prior to marriage.

Sanctuary: $1,850
Chapel: $1,100 

Non-Member Pricing
Non-members are defined as any persons who have been active at Chapelwood UMC for less than six months.

Sanctuary: $2,850
Chapel: $1,850

Included in Wedding Fee
The wedding fee includes use of the Bride's Room, Groom's Room, parking lots, safety personnel, a wedding Guild Lead and assistant, pre-marital counseling course Prepare&Enrich, and use of designated building and grounds associated with reserved location. 


Director of Music
The fee for the Director of Music is determined by the Director, Cameron Cody, and should be paid during the mandatory in-person meeting.

Couples are required to meet with the Director of Music to establish the ceremony order of service and receive approval for any musicians, staffed or non-staffed, performing during the ceremony.  Couples should meet with the Director of Music prior to printing programs or booking any outside musicians.

Any fees for non-staffed musicians, such as, but not limited to: soloist, bell choir, chancel choir, etc. would be paid separately per instructions provided by the Director of Music, Cameron Cody.

Director of Music, Cameron Cody, contact information: [email protected] or (478) 542-0087

Officiating Pastor
The required fee for the officiating pastor is $400.00.  A check should be made out in the name of the pastor and provided to the Wedding Guild Lead during the rehearsal.

How far in advance can a wedding be scheduled?

Weddings are scheduled no more than one calendar year from the date a wedding ceremony is requested.  Wedding dates and ceremony locations will not be scheduled or tentatively held prior to receival of the signed wedding application and wedding fee. 

When are weddings held at Chapelwood?

Weddings are held on Saturdays.  Rehearsals are held the Friday before a wedding, unless scheduling or other circumstances prevent this from occurring. 

Holidays and related weekends in which weddings will not be scheduled include, but are not limited to: Palm Sunday, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and the two days leading up to Christmas through two days following New Years.  Dependent on the day some holidays and special events fall, the weekend before or after weddings may not be scheduled and are subject to change.  Contact the Wedding Coordinator directly for all scheduling inquires.

How long will we have the space for?

All worship spaces, related bride and grooms room, and designated building grounds are reserved two hours prior to a wedding and one-and-one half hour following the ceremony.  Contact the Wedding Coordinator directly should additional time be needed, requests should be made no later than two weeks prior to the wedding date; approval is not guaranteed.

May we select our own minister?

Couples are asked to list their first and second choice Chapelwood minister when submitting their wedding application. If  a couple has not chosen a pastor the Wedding Coordinator will be happy to assist in selecting one.  The Wedding Coordinator will contact the requested pastor(s) on behalf of the couple and inform them of next steps based on the pastor’s availability. 

Guest officiants are welcome to assist Chapelwood's host minister with the ceremony. The couple should provide the guest pastor's informatoin on the wedding applicatoin.  Chapelwood's host minister will determine which officiant performs each portion of the ceremony. 

Is pre-marital counseling required?

While we do not require pre-marital counseling it is strongly encouraged by our ministers.  We offer an outstanding premarital preparation course, Prepare/Enrich, to any couple who is engaged or thinking about marriage.  The course is open to anyone for a small fee and is included within the total wedding fee for all couples planning to marry at Chapelwood.  To register or find out more contact the Wedding Coordinator.