Who can be married at Chapelwood?

We invite members and non-members alike to be married at Chapelwood. All couples married here must agree to the guidelines and contractual arrangements as defined in our documentation and discussed with the Wedding Coordinator. Weddings are not considered confirmed until the signed contract and deposit are received.

Marrying at Chapelwood does not automatically make you a member. Please let us know if you are interested in joining.

What is the payment schedule?

See attached fee schedule.

How far in advance can a wedding be scheduled?

Weddings are scheduled no more than one calendar year from the time a wedding application is received. 

When are weddings held at Chapelwood?

Weddings are held on Saturdays. Rehearsals are held the Friday before unless scheduling or other circumstances prevent this from occurring. 

Holidays and related weekends in which weddings will not be scheduled include, but are not limited to: Palm Sunday, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and the two days leading up to Christmas through two days following New Years. Dependent on the day  some holidays and special events fall the weekend before or after weddings may not be scheduled and are subject to change.

            Contact the Wedding Coordinator directly for all scheduling inquires.

How long will we have the space for?

            All worship spaces and related bride and groom rooms are reserved one hour prior to a wedding and one hour following the ceremony. Additional time may be requested; approval is dependent upon scheduling.

May we select our own minister?

The couple may request a specific Chapelwood minister when submitting their wedding contract. The Wedding Coordinator will contact the requested pastor on behalf of the couple and inform them of next steps based on the pastor’s availability.

If you have a minister officiating from another church or denomination a Chapelwood pastor must meet with the officiating minister prior to the wedding. Chapelwood’s pastor may be present the day of the wedding, as they deem necessary.

Is pre-marital counseling required?

No, but it is strongly encouraged by our ministers. We offer an outstanding premarital preparation course, Prepare/Enrich, to any couple who is engaged or thinking about marriage. The course is included within the total wedding fee for all couples planning to marry at Chapelwood.  To register or find out more, contact Adrian Granger at (713) 354-4443 or ag[email protected].