Reveal for Church: Spiritual Life Assessment

Help us measure real results with the Reveal for Church: Spiritual Life Assessment

Chapelwood Senior Pastor John Stephens is asking everyone from the Sanctuary, Contemplative, and Oikon worship communities to spend about 20 minutes taking a multiple-choice survey called Reveal for Church: Spiritual Life Assessment. This simple survey measures spiritual growth of each participant and in aggregate, our church, by asking questions about your attitudes and actions.

At Chapelwood, we describe a disciple as a person following Jesus on a journey of deepening connection with God, which makes a difference in four key relationships in their lives -- with God, others, self, and creation. This assessment provides you with a personal report about your spiritual growth. It also provides our church with a proven way to know how our people are growing in these four key relationships. Chapelwood will use the aggregate data to  best help people grow closer to Christ. From your responses, which are anonymous if you choose, we will hear what our people are saying they need from the church for their spiritual growth.

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What to expect:

Reveal’s questions ask you to reflect on many aspects of your faith, including your spiritual beliefs and attitudes, daily spiritual habits, community involvement, and your view of the church’s leadership and ministries. There are 10 questions at the end of the survey that pertain specifically to Chapelwood and to our current stay-at-home environment. At the end of the survey, you will have the option to provide your name and contact information.  Every participant will receive personal results, called Reveal for Me.  You will also get an invitation to request a meeting with a Chapelwood Next Step Guide who is trained to go over your results and make suggestions for your faith journey at this time in your life.  We hope that most of our members will take this next step of faith.

For technical support, contact Jet Pinkerton

The assessments were designed by leading research experts who spent time confirming the validity of the questions and the results of the REVEAL assessments. For example, our lead researcher, Dr. Nancy Scammacca Lewis, is an expert in quantitative methodology, with an M.A. from Wheaton College and a Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin.